Presenter: Andrea McHugh, Tsuaki Marule
Theme: Student Support
Institution: Red Crow
Description: The Niitsitapi Foundational Learning and Literacy Program aims to address learning situations that our learners experience and prepare them academically to move into other learning opportunities and / or the workforce. Secondly, many of our learners have questions regarding our Blackfoot cultural identity; therefore, a major initiative is to reconnect our learners to their cultural past, present, and future. Finally, many of our learners may struggle with social issues; we offer foundational supports that will help our learners. Our program supports the learner by implementing appropriate assessment practices so that learning issues are identified and curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of said learner. Generally, these are the major initiatives our program strives to address.The strength of the Niitsitapi Foundational Learning and Literacy Program is that it culturally prepares its learners to feel confident and competent to move forward with their educational journeys. Along with the foundations of literacy learning, our learners feel respected because Red Crow Community College culturally and academically prepares them to embrace learning opportunities that will change their lives.