Presenter: Jeff Vander Werf
Theme: Counselling
Institution: University of Calgary

Description: In the fall of 2017, the SU Wellness Centre launched a new service: an ongoing, three session counselling group helping students whose academic experience is impacted by performance anxiety before, during and after tests. This offering represented a significant shift from the previous options of short one session workshops, web resources, and ongoing individual counselling. In this session participants will learn how this group was conceived, developed, marketed and delivered successfully in the Fall and Winter semesters. The presentation will make reference to the latest academic research on exam anxiety and evidence based strategies that were adapted and included in the group. We will also discuss how this group fits in with the other service offerings within the coordinated care model at the SU Wellness Centre. The group content will be reviewed so that participants can use and adapt strategies provided for their own unique student populations and work.