Description - Many Spotted Horses at North End of Blood Reserve
Medicine Wheels are boulder structures on the plains built by First Nations people that are ceremonially significant.
Many Spotted Horses was a Blood war chief who died in 1884. He had a ‘medicine wheel’ on the Blood Reserve near Whoop-up at the North End. An archeological search revealed only the chief’s tipi rings, but the stones of ‘medicine wheel’ which were at an inaccessible point on Weasel Fat’s Bottom, had reportedly been scattered. Local Blood Indians had replace these stones as much as possible, but it was felt that this interference limited the usefulness of this wheel for comparative study. A Red Crow Community College Elders Advisory Council member will accompany group to the site and others in the area to pass on oral traditions as to their significance.
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Final Report Medicine Wheel Project: Part III, February 28, 2015