Presenter: Whitney Balog
Theme: Counselling
Institution: University of Lethbridge
Description: In developing a comprehensive approach to prevent and respond to sexual violence within the campus community, the University of Lethbridge held a series of consultation sessions in 2017 to receive input from a broad range of University community members, including students, staff, and faculty. This presentation will focus on the key themes and points of feedback that were voiced and contributed at the consultation sessions. Namely, the presentation will highlight important considerations, reflections, and challenges as the U of L continues to develop its Sexual Violence Policy and Procedures. We will also dedicate time within the presentation to discuss and share within the group—the approaches, challenges, and key considerations—of other institutions in their work to address sexual violence within their campus. If you would like to learn more about the U of L’s process of developing an effective and comprehensive approach to address sexual violence or share the learnings from your campus approach: please join this presentation and conversation.